Slide recolorized!

The man with no persona…is blind to the reality of the world, which for him has merely the value of an amusing or fantastic playground

Jung, Two Essays, p.197
Another shot of the dia serie, artifical light, dia postive process for projection!
Obscenity begins when there is no more spectacle, no more stage, no more theatre, no more illusions, when everything becomes immediately transparent, visible, exposed in the raw and inexorable light of information and communication. We no longer partake of the drama of alienation, but are in the ecstasy of communication.
Jean Baudrillard, The ecstasy of communication
"Sur la scène d’un rêve"
Double bodies new dia serie for the performance of Parma!
Abstract slide, playing with abstraction chemical processes, random result reminding me of the rayogrammes of Man Ray and Moholy-Nagy!
My first vision of earth was water veiled. I am of the race of men and women who see all things through this curtain of sea, and my eyes are the color of water.
Anais Nin, House of Incest.